About AZ AAU Volleyball

Promoting Premier Experience While Reducing Costs...

Rising Up With AZ AAU

AAU offers many supportive options...


1)  Nationally recognized non-profit, multi-sport organization.


2)  Insurance, including general liability and participant accident, is included as a benefit of membership.


3)  Low membership fees.


4)  Low tournament fees.


4)  Background screening included with non-athlete and adult athlete memberships at no additional cost.


5)  Freedom and flexibly in conducting programs and hosting events.

6)  Free coaches education through the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).


7)  Open entry to the National Championships – any team can participate.  We are a Non-exclusive  Organization That Promotes Sportmanship and Inclusive Competition at every level of play.


8)  Easy online registration for membership, insurance certificates, sanctions and events.


9)  Multi-year membership available – join for 1, 2 or 3 years.


10)  Level 3 Club Membership offering eligibility for tax-exempt status and to accept tax-exempt donations.