Southwest Power League Info


For many years, there was only one option to play club volleyball in Arizona. We’ve listened to many club directors, parents, referees and athletes and have developed a new league that we think will be a great option for everyone.

Our goals:

  • A league that responds quickly in a rapidly changing world
  • Embrace technology to help engagement, efficiencies and overall experience
  • Provide a less expensive, yet highly recruitable pathway for all our athletes
  • Inclusive league for all clubs, but opportunities for high-level competition
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With those goals in mind we’ve developed the power league with the following:

  • New Format: 3 team pools, 3 hour weekend commitments. In the past, tournaments either lasted all day or were 6 hours. We’ve developed a league that only supports 3 teams pools – 3 hours total. No team camps, no sitting around. Just play twice and ref once! This format is a GREAT way to adjust to our current pandemic. Same number of matches as USAV’s power league – 18 Matches + Championships.
  • 2 Separate Divisions:
    • Elite Division will require teams at a high level of play (similar to Open). These are teams of athletes that are looking to be recruited for post HS play.
    • Club Division will be divided into 2 different divisions: both competitive, yet gives us the ability to keep similar teams together.
    • All divisions will have the ability for teams to move up and down in rank as well as into upper or lower divisions. The bottom 3 Elite teams will move into Club with a chance to move back up into Elite.
  • Enhanced seeding and movement within the league: The goal is to get every team competing against like skilled teams as quickly as possible. Ability to move up or down quickly versus 1 division at a time. For example, if you sweep your pool and the point differential is substantial, you’ll move up more than 1 division! This will be a much faster way to move up versus years past. Will also include additional AAU tournament’s win/loss/point differential/team strength to enhance your placement.
  • 1 Parent per Player Attendance: We feel that we can safely operate a volleyball tournament in our facilities while allowing parents to watch. USAV will only allow 3 parents per team, however, we will be able to allow 1 parent per athlete – total of 12 parents per match.
  • Score Reporting: Similar to and, we’ll be posting standings, box scores for all matches, ratings, etc.


Other perks for playing in this league

We feel there are opportunities that will make this league unique in the state. By being a member of AAU, we’re able to offer up the following perks for joining our league:

  • Division winners will receive a FREE entry into AAU’s Volleyball Festival in June/July this season!
  • $100 off both Festival Fiesta and Festival entries – a $200 value!
  • AAU Nationals or Festival Entry for Grand Prix / Super Regional Winners!
  • Recruiting combines and Sports Performance Screenings to help aid in the recruiting efforts of our athletes.
  • AAU Membership is only $14! If you decide to only play in our AAU Power League, this allows your athletes to save over $40 over USAV membership!


AAU provides a lot of volleyball opportunities for everyone. Here are a few of them:

  • AAU Indoor National Championships (Orlando)
    • June 17-29, 2021
    • No qualification – sign up and play!
    • No Stay and Play
    • Highly recruited by all colleges
  • The Volleyball Festival Championships (Phoenix)
    • June 28 – July 3, 2021
    • Teams from 20+ states and other countries
  • AAU West Coast Championships (Las Vegas)
    • Memorial Day weekend
  • Super Regionals / Grand Prix
    • Drivable tournaments with enhanced competition
    • Comp entry to AAU Nationals or Volleyball Festival for Division winners
    • Festival Fiesta Feb. 13-15, 2021 State Farm Stadium
    • AZ AAU District Championships May, 2021
    • TBA events MLK, April and June